A while back, I shared with you how we’ve tried to motivate our 8-year old to read in her minority language French. Well, turns out the strangest things motivate our children and this one lit up when I suggested we film her reading and call it “Sara TV.” When I suggested that we send it to other children who speak French at home, she was even more excited and wanted to add some listening comprehension questions at the end.

So feel free to share this video with any multilingual families who have French as one of their languages – Sara would love to hear back from them and hear their replies! :-).

P.S Sara had a lot of fun filming this and would like to continue with this. If you’re interested in French resources and would like to see future episodes of Sara TV, please join us at http://www.facebook.com/TheFrenchFactor (and for bilingual and multilingual resources in general at http://www.facebook.com/bebilingual.net